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Equipment for pipe cutting ROTATOR we supply as an accessory of the OCELOT cutting machine or as a separate cutting machine. In the case of delivery together with the machine, its suitable position is on the side, outside the standard cutting area. The portal of the machine is modified for this by extending the machine beam so that the cutting head can move over the cutting tube. If the rotator is equipped with a four-jaw chuck, the tube with a square or rectangular cross-section can also be clamped in it and cut into individual sides of the profile.

Rotator 1600 x 1100.png


- MIN diameter of cut pipe                                        50 mm

- MAX diameter of cut pipe                                     400 mm 

- MAX dimensions of the square tube          300x 300 mm


- Plasma cutting

- Gas cutting                                                                                  

- Plasma marking - according plasma units

- MAX cutting length    according machine cutting length

- MAX load per one support carriage                       200 kg

- MAX weight of the cut pipe                                   1000 kg



- Professional industry CNC control system

- 17 "color touch screen with protective glass                    

- Three-jaw chuck for clamping the cut pipe

- Support carriage for supporting the free end of the cut pipe

- Digitally controlled AC servo system

- Built-in automatic technology for gas cutting                   

- Built-in automatic technology for plasma cutting               

For more informations please contact us. 

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