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Our company TECHFORCUT was established by people with more than 25-year experience in the cutting industry. Our main focus is to provide customers high quality products, components and service. To ensure we maintain the exceptional standard, our manufactured products are tested and components are only sourced from well-known European and American companies. We put emphasis on an ongoing customer support and partnership from implementation to operation of the supplied cutting technology.  






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At the TECHFORCUT we follow latest trends in gas and plasma cutting technology. All our acquired knowledge is then implemented into our control system. Transferred knowledge in turn, enables our customers to utilise simplified processes and improve on cutting performance.

At the TECHFORCUT we use the most current components and follow latest manufacturing processes during machine construction. Among other priorities is implementation of first-rate software and electronics. Our flexible control system design enables us to promptly react to latest innovation and apply changes readily to stay up to date with new trends.

At the TECHFORCUT one of our main principles is the importance of personal approach to our customers and partners.  We strive to build a professional and supportive relationship with all our stakeholders. Our effort is directed at coordination with customers during the establishment of cutting technology and throughout application of new technology.

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