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The CARACAL CNC cutting machine is a compact type of plasma cutting machine. It is characterized by simple installation and easy maintenance, but from the point of view of control, it includes the most modern type of communication and control. The material cutting table, which is part of the delivery, is divided into individual suction sections, which open and close based on the software-calculated position of the machine.

CARACAL_side view_1600x1100.png


- Cutting width                                        1 000 - 2 000 mm

- Cutting length                                       2 000 - 6 000 mm


- Plasma cutting

- Plasma marking - according plasma unt                        

- MAX. tarvel speed                                          18 mtr/ min

- MAX. numbers of cutting heads                     1 x plazma


- Steel, heavy duty machined portal

- Precision rack and pinions                                               

- Double linear slides in cross axis

- Linear slide in longitudinal axis                                      


- Professional industry CNC control system

- 15 "color touch screen with protective glass                    

- Digitally controlled AC servo system

- Built-in automatic technology for plasma cutting            

- Floating cutting head

- Heat protection                                                                  

- Anticollision sensor for plasma cutting

Laser cross for plate alignment                                        

For more informations please contact us. 

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